Disabilities; Challenges and Hidden Giftedness

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101 Ways to Help The Child Learn to Talk

Questions and Answers on Speech Development

Speech, Language, Communication and Down Syndrome

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Reflection on Kol Hamekayem Nefesh Achas Me'Yisroel

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Recurrent Upper Respiratory Infections in Children with Down Syndrom

It Worked For Us

Answer to the Most Common Questions about Down Syndrome

A LIfe Time of Challenge

Is Raising A Down Syndrome Child a Chesed Shel Emes?

My Daughter, My Teacher

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Hashgacha Pratis: My Own Experience

A Letter from Rabbi Yaakov Perlow Novominsker Rav

Retarded vs. Crazy

Rabbi Saul Klein

G-dís Measurements

How to Respond to Those Hurtful Comments & Questions

It worked for Us

A Special Specialty

Greetings from Miami Beach

Our Special Vitamin

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Unique, Yet Special

"It Worked For Us" Some Creative Solutions to Common Problems in Children with Down Syndrome

To All Special Mothers

"My Daughter, My Teacher"


Magic Moment Weekend Retreat

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My Own Experience

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Purim Poem

The Remedy

Theme Targeted Nutritional Intervention (TNI)

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Light & Sound Therapy

Letter From The Rebbe

The Way It Used To Be - Anonymous

Positive Changes Brought About
By Our Special Needs Children

Transition: How Much Pain?

Please Hashem, Can WE Have Some More???


Atlanto-axial Instability

For Our Information
By Juby Shapiro and Miryam Rabinowitz of TAFKID

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Perspectives; Special Education for Special Children
By: Suzanne Kushner - England

Two Families By: Dr. Stephen Glicksman

The Pain of Rejection

The Heart and Children with Down Syndrome
By Dr. Dan Schneider

When Things Don't Turn Out The Way You'd Wish Them To...

A Different Seder

An Empty Chair

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Down Syndrome/Cancer Link Studied

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POETRY: Declaration of Imperfection

Up Syndrome

Editor's Message:

Study Casts Doubt on Down Syndrome Screening

Holland - Before and After

The Rose and The Thorn

INCLUSION: Still Smouldering


INCLUSION By: Sarah Sander

Issue #11

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The Bavarfen

Moishey's Bar Mitzvah

Ignorance is Bliss

Experts Say Mentally Retarded Get Inferior Care

Parenting An Invisible Child

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