Editors Message

It is with a blessing and a prayer on my lips that I embrace this new endeavor on behalf of our society.

Five years have already passed since that bolt of lightning and clap of thunder hit my family when the hospital pediatrician told me,"Your baby has Down Syndrome." The only thing that kept me from jumping out the window of my 8th floor hospital room and ending this bizarre agony was the hopeful thought that the doctor was mistaken.

Well, that doctor was not mistaken and here I am, five years later, thrilled to raise this precious child with Hashem’s help.

In the five years since Moishy’s birth, I, like most other DS parents, have been hoarding information on this syndrome. This quest covers physical, medical, psychological, nutritional, social and educational data. I have always felt, however, that in a community as large as ours , there is room for our own publication with a heimishe yiddishe tam. I have therefore undertaken to edit and publish this magazine with the help of everybody at large. This publication will be divided into different segments of information. confrontation, innovation and communication.

I welcome any and all types of correspondence. Siblings, relatives and friends of families who have children with DS, please feel welcome to submit any literature on the topic.

We hope that this will be a source of help and encouragement to all our readers.


Sarah M. Sander