There are some people, social workers, Rabbis, etc. who contend that the families that do raise children with Down syndrome -

  • Suffer great pain and anguish
  • The homes are "torn apart"
  • The parents cannot cope
  • The parents cannot give proper care to the child with DS and/or to the other children

THEREFORE, claim these people - it is proper NOT to even bring a baby with Down syndrome home from the hospital.

We are asking families that are blessed from Hashem with a child with Down syndrome to write letters testifying that the above statements are not true. Even though it is a 'nisoyon', and one needs 'chizuk' and help, it is still a positive experience with many benefits. All members of the family can write their own letter. Please include some details of medical history of the DS child, as well as the ages of all the children in the family. Please ask other members of your community, who have a child with Down syndrome, to participate in this important venture to save Yiddishe 'neshomas'.

Please send to:

RE: Rabbi Dov Patkin Z'L

Editor's Note:

Rabbi Patkin z'l was a tzaddik, a 'soifer' (scribe), a poet (see Issue #1-Red cover), a steadfast supporter of DSAU, and the father of a daughter a'h with Down syndrome. Unfortunately, his daughter, Gita Reisha a'h passed away when she was approximately 7 years old, of pulmonary hypertension. Shortly thereafter, Rabbi Patkin himself was diagnosed with a terminal illness, which he battled with amazing 'emunah' and 'bitachon', but ultimately he succumbed to the disease. I will publish all the responses to the above request in the next issue of DSAU, as well as forward them to Rabbi Patkin's widow shetichya.