Retarded vs. Crazy

Do you know the difference?

My child's diagnosis right after birth,

Rattled the very foundations of the earth.

Down Syndrome is its fancy name,

He is retarded all the same.

My dear friends out there,

There is something I have to share.

Please leaf through your dictionaries carefully,

Look for the words "retarded" and "crazy".

The two are not synonymous I meaning or name,

Retarded means slow, crazy means insane.

So please be alittle more sensitive with your speech,

When a person and/or situation is crazy, do not reach.

For the word "retarded" as a perfect description,

It is absolutely the wrong diction.

My son is slow, but he is so sane,

He puts some of the "normal" population to shame.

He knows no envy, no anger or hate,

Love and kindness he communitcates.

So think before you talk, make speaking an art,

Otherwise you are thrusting a knife into my heart.

Because retarded and crazy are not

synonymous in meaning, nor name,

One means slow, the other

means insane…..