Push away anger - bring in humility

" When you have saved yourself from anger - the 'middah' of being humble will come into your heart". The Ramban is teaching us , what a wonderful level a person can reach when he beats his nature of anger. When he succeeds in completely uprooting his natural feelings , he does not get upset. He does not complain when things do not go as he wants, but rather, he accepts everything calmly. This is because he realizes everything comes from Hashem . His reward is : humility ( to be humble - not to feel like a big shot). Think for a moment. Why does a person get angry ? He gets angry because he thinks that he should get something or that something should be done a certain way, and it does not turn out the way he expects.

This happens when a person feels like a big shot inside . Someone who completely removes those feelings from inside of him, will never get angry and he will automatically get the beautiful 'middah' of being humble.
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