Get rid of anger - save yourself from evil.

As it says : Take away anger from your heart - and remove evil from your body! The evil spoken about here, is Gehenim - as it says, " And bad people will be punished on the day of evil !"

The Ramban is explaining how good it is for a person to remove anger from his heart, and to be free of feelings of complaints. When a person feels anger in his heart and gets upset when things do not go his way, even if he does not shout, he always has these bad feelings inside of himself. "Remove evil from your body" teaches us that by removing the anger and speaking pleasantly, his mind will be at rest and he will find that he is not always getting upset. At the same time, he is saving himself from "evil" or Gehenim. Therefore, when a person is about to get angry, he should stop and think. What will I lose if I do not get angry ??? What will I gain if I do not get angry ??? - You will be saved from Gehenim !!
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