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Please fill out the answer to each question asked on this form and return it to the yeshiva office. Please print clearly.

I want to become a member of V'Dibarta Bam, joining thousands of other yeshiva students around the world learning Mishnayos in memory of one of the holy children who was lost in Churban Europe. Please send me my membership card and the name of the child in whose memory I will be learning Mishnayos.

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Hebrew Name:
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Yeshiva Name: Location:
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Main Program: I understand that by learning the specified mesechtos I will be eligible for special prizes and the nationwide contest leading up to the Mivchan Pumbi. Main Program
Optional Program: I want to choose my own mesechta(s) of Mishnayos to study. Mesechtas to be tested on 8 Sivan
Mesechtas to be tested on 22 Elul

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