All participants must commit themselves to learning at least one mesechta of Mishnayos in memory of the children who perished in Churban Europe. Each participant will receive an official membership card and the name of a specific child in whose memory he will be learning the Mishnayos.

Program A:

1. Participants and the learning program will be divided by grade in yeshiva:

a. Grades 4 & 5 will learn Masechtot Brachos & Sukka
b. Grades 6, 7 & 8 will learn Masechtot Brachos, Sukka & Rosh Hashana
2. Written tests will be given to both age groups on the following dates:
a. Mashechet Brachos: 8th Sivan - Isru Chag
b. Mashechet Sukka: 22nd Elul - 1st Slichos and Rosh Hashanah for grades 6,7 & 8)

3. Semifinalists in each age group will be selected from among those who score highest in their yeshiva. A written semifinal test by age group on all of the mesechtas studied will be held on Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan

4. Those scoring highest on the semifinal test from each yeshiva will be invited to compete for the title of Chassan HaMishna at the public Mivchan Pumbi, in front of the Gedolim and hundreds of other participants in the V'dibarta Bam program.

Program B: (Optional)

1. Participants may earn other mesechtos instead of, or in addition to, the mesechtos of Program A.

2. In consultation with your rebbe or parent, you may choose, upon joining V'dibarta Bam, to learn any mesechta from the Seders Nezikin, Zeraim & Moed.

3. You will be tested on the mesechtes that you learn. You must choose to be tested on either of the two Program A test dates, 8th Sivan or 22nd Elul when you apply for membership.

4. Participation in Program B will qualify students to receive certificates and raffles towards prizes as in Program A, but will not count towards qualifying for the semifinals or the Mivchan Pumbi.

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