1. Every time a participating child masters a Mesechta, he will receive a Certificate of Achievement and be eligible for other prizes.

  2. All participating children who have completed at least one Mesechta and scored a score 50% or higher on their first test will receive raffle tickets for one of three separate drawings for additional prizes. A child will receive one raffle ticket for each perek of Mishnayos that he has learned. The more perokim he has learned, the more raffles he will receive, and the better his chances of winning will be. Children with higher grades will receive raffles for the drawings with the more valuable prizes. Separate drawings will be held for children scoring from 50-75%, 75-90% and 90-100%.

  3. For children participating in part A only, semifinalists will be selected from those scoring highest on the written tests, to take another written test on all of the covered material. Everyone taking the semi-final test will receive a special prize. Those scoring highest on the semi-final test will be declared finalists. They will receive another prize and will be eligible to compete in the Mivchan Pumbi, in front of the Gedolim and all of the participants in the V'dibarta Bam program.

  4. At the Mivchan Pumbi, finalists will be tested orally. Three winners will be selected in each of the two age categories. The First Prize will go to the boy crowned Chassan Hamishnah, and the two runners-up will each receive Second Prizes and receive the title of Sgan Chassan Hamishnah.

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