Letter of Introduction
from Mifal M'Dibarta Bam

This is your chance to join one of the world's largest group of children, in Eretz Yisroel and throughout the United States, who are learning Torah as members of Mifal V'Dibarta Bam. By joining V'Dibarta Bam, you will not only have the tremendous mitzvah of Talmud Torah, but you will be benefiting the neshomo of a specific child who died in Churban Europe fifty years ago. You will receive your own official membership card and the name of one of the over one and a half million children who were lost during the Churban. Your job will be to learn Mishnayos in memory of the holy neshomo of that child. Everyone will be learning the same Mishnayos, but each member of V'Dibarta Bam will be learning those Mishnayos in memory of a different child.

Every few months, you will take a written, multiple choice test on the Mishnayos that you have been learning. Certificates and prizes will be awarded to everyone who takes a test. Everyone who takes three consecutive tests will have the chance to enter the national contest by taking the annual test on all of the Mishnayos that have been studied.

The children who score the highest, in each of two age divisions, will be invited to participate in the finals, the Mivchan Pumbi. There they will answer oral questions on the Mishnayos in a huge public gathering attended by the Gedolim, and members of V'Dibarta Bam from all over the country. The winner in each age group will be honored with the title Chasan Hamishnah, and the two runner-ups will be called Sgan Chasan Hamishnah. Each will receive a special grand prize.

V'Dibarta Bam already has over ten thousand children as active members in Eretz Yisroel. We are starting V'Dibarta Bam here because the Gedolim wanted the children of the United States also to have this great zchus. Think of it. By joining V'Dibarta Bam, you will join thousands of children around the world, all learning the same Mishnayos, for the sake of the memory of another child.

If you wish, you can even be part of V'Dibarta Bam by learning Mishnayos in the mesechta which you and your yeshiva choose. You will also be tested on the Mishnayos that you have selected to study, and receive prizes for taking the tests.

Our program is starting immediately, so please fill out the application that is included with this letter and return it right away to your yeshiva office. We will then send back your personal membership card and the name of the child for whose neshomo you will be learning the Mishnayos. We have also included a fact sheet with more information about V'Dibarta Bam to show your parents.

We look forward to welcoming you into the worldwide family of V'Dibarta Bam. Give in your filled out application today. Then start learning Mishnayos and earning your prize. You may even become one of our winners.

With Birchas Hatzlacha, and a Yasher Koach,

Hanhalas HaMifal

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