Reading Out Loud

After researching many Yeshivos from various backgrounds, we have observed a common problem: many fine students make mistakes in the pronunciation of some of our most common Tefillos. To help with the studentsíkriah we have included a chart whereby the Rebbe / Morah can give a mark (minus, check or plus) for each dayís kriah. These marks can be used as part of the basis for a report card grade or more importantly to help monitor a students progress throughout the year.

Kriah Chart

We have included two columns for two commonly mispronounced words in the Shema. Often the word"U'valecticha" is pronounced "U'valefticha". The word "U'vashachbecha" is often pronounced "U'veshafbicha".

Of course, we know these words are not the only ones mispronounced, we just felt that they would make a good starting place. These words can be checked randomly by a having a student read the first perek in Shema out loud (this is in addition to the regular davening). Make sure that each student gets to read the first perek of Sehma out loud at least once a month.

Donít be afraid to stop the davening and have a student say a portion of the Tefillos out loud once in a awhile. The students should be told (if necessary) that this proceedure is to help them to become excellent in davening.