Classroom Management

Students who daven well can be rewarded in various ways. The most obvious way to reward is to give points, tickets, etc., based on the usual classroom reward system such as the Pirchei Shoshanim Passport program. If the Rebbe / Morah does not have a set reward system then we have provided Davener of the Day cards. Besides the cards provided, a master sheet has been provided so that additional cards can be copied. Also, we have included Shiras Dovid and Shiras Chana Certificates of Excellence in Tefilla. These can be given out for behavior, participation in Davening, or proficiency in kriah.

The main ingredient that makes any program a success is the Rebbe or Morah. It takes effort, patience and lots of love, but the results are more than worth it. If you show your students that you feel davening is a wonderful privilege, then they will be more likely to accept it for themselves as well.