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Instant Pull-ups
Bad Language Assignment

As part of your school's discipline program you have been given a pull-up for using bad language. Since this was, unfortunately, not your first time using bad language at school, your teacher (Rebbe or Morah) feels you need a bigger reminder than in the past. Therefore, you are receiving the following assignment to help you remember to control your use of language:
1. Write a short story about a person who discovers how bad it is to use improper language. Make sure you include how people come to disrepect the one who uses bad language. Also include at least three examples of how others may be hurt by the person's use of bad language. Be sure to refer to the pull-up page that was given to you with this. It describes, in more detail, the damage bad language may cause.

2. Your story must be at least 250 words long (every 5 letters counts as a word).

3. Writing must be neat and clear or the assignment will have to be done over again.

4. Bad language may NOT be used in the story itself. Any story which has bad language in it will be given a separate pull-up for each bad word written.

5. Make sure the story is read and signed by your parent or legal guardian.

6.* If the number 911 appears on your pull-up sheet you will also need to fill in at least one weekly journal, showing your effort to correct your behavior.

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