Instant Pull-ups
Using Bad Language (Nivel Peh)
When a Yid makes a serious mistake and does an Aveira, he/she has fallen down from the level a Yid is expected to be on. You are being "pulled-up" by your teacher (Rebbe or Morah) because you made a mistake which has caused damage to yourself and others. In this case your mistake was using bad language.
Damage to yourself:
  1. By acting in way unfit for a Ben Torah, you have damaged your reputation.
  2. You have given your Yetzer HaRah more strength to overpower you in the future.
  3. If your bad speech was said out of anger, then the Chachamim have compared it to Avodah Zorah (which is one of the three worst Aveiros we could ever do).
  4. Bad language and language used to hurt others unnecessarily puts a distance between the person who uses the language and Hashem.
Damage to others:
  1. You could, Chas V'Shalom, cause others to use such language.
  2. You might have strengthened the Yetzer HaRah in others to do Aveiros. As our Rabbis of blessed memory have said, Aveira Gerreras Aveira (one sin causes other sins).
  3. You could have hurt your family's reputation. People might come to think less of your entire family because of your actions.
  4. Depending on the situation you may have even made a Chilul Hashem and damaged the reputation of your entire Yeshiva/school or even the reputation of every Torah Yid.
I have read the above page and I agree to make every effort to never let it happen again.
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