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It's Not Ruach Ha Kodesh "You Shall Not Steal"

Rav Zelig, from Sharentzak, was sitting next to his Rebbe, Rav Shmuel, from Karov. For a moment his Rebbe went to rest in his bed. At that time a Chasid came to see the Rebbe. He was a very wealthy man and he had brought a gift for the Rebbe. He had come from an expensive store where he went in to select a precious gift for himself and his Rebbe that would be fitting for their Shabbos and Yom Tov Tables.

Finally, he found two beautiful Vessels that were fitting for both of them. Instead of chosing one for himself and giving the other to the Rebbe, he decided to put both vessels on the Rebbe's table and let the Rebbe choose which one he preferred.

Meanwhile the Rebbe awoke from his nap and came back to the table. He greated the Chasid, who then told him of his desire to give one of these special vessels to the Rebbe as a present. He asked the Rebbe to pick the one that he preferred. The Rebbe then chose the exact one that the Chasid had in truth wanted to give him. The Chasid was amazed that the Rebbe was able to tell which one he really wanted to give.

The Rebbe then said, "Don't think that this is Ruach HaKodesh. I will tell you a story that happened to me and my brother:

My brother was a great Rav and one of those against the Chassidim, known as the Misnagdim. One time he asked me to come to the wedding of his son and the daughter of a wealthy man. When I came to the wedding, I was shown many types of beautiful clothing which the in-laws had prepared for the bride. There was one dress, in particular, which was sewn with golden threads from top to bottom and was studded with saphires. It was more beautiful than all the rest.

When the dress was brought close to me I pulled away from it and complained to my brother that a foul odor was coming from the dress that was so bad it made me feel sick. I demanded that he look into the background (history) of the dress at once. He called for the brides father and questioned him about the dress. It finally came out that the dress was given to him by a certain government minister as a reward for helping him make a 12,000 rubble profit which was actually a loss to another Jew. When my brother heard this he was truly amazed. I explained to him then as I will explain to you now. When a person is extremely careful not to steal from others, even when it's just a very slight question of stealing, then HaKodesh Baruch Hoo will help him not to have any connection with stealing.

Hashem helps us in the way we want to go. Therefore, we often have the power to create our Siata D'Shmaya (heavenly aid). It is up to us to take advantage of the tools which Hashem gave us.