Travel Status For Talmidim

1.Talmid: Starting Madreiga on the climb to Cohen Gadol

2.Talmid-Chaver: has the right to go to the restroom or get a drink once a day without permission (as long as no one else is out).

3.Chaver: gets the same privileges as a Talmid - Chaver plus he can eat a snack (if he has one) when Rebbe tells a story.

4.Tzorba M'rabonon: has the above privileges plus he can (if he wants to) say over a davar torah (no more than five minutes) to the class, once a week, for extra points; however, The Rebbe must select the topic.

5.Rav: is the same as a Tzurva MeRabbanan plus he can choose the topic of his vort.

6.Rebi: has the added privilege of being on the committee that decides which tzedaka the class will adopt as a project.

7.Nasi: has the additional privilege of making a parsha test for the whole class (worth another 500 points).

8.Rosh HaYashiva: has the added privilege of saying over a davar torah in front of the whole school at the Rosh Chodesh award assembly (5 minutes - any topic) for lots of points (1,000).

9.Shofet: can also write a davar torah for the Pesach Hagada or the Shavuos program (worth 1,000 points).

10.Cohen Gadol: gets to be on the committee which decides the activities for "reward days" (given for great class accomplish-ments - class goals set and achieved. Rewards may be simply taking off time from class and going to the park for a baseball game.) Plus The Rebbe makes a Melava Malka just for Cohanim Gadolim at the end of the year.