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Guidelines for Application for Projects in the Area of Jewish Special Education


General Comments

1.The Pincus Fund's standard guidelines and criteria will be applied to applications in the area of special education,
as to any other subject area (see Guidelines, p.2 attached).

2.Pincus Fund support will be for provision of special education resources in the area of Jewish Studies only.
This policy takes into account the fact that financial support is usually available from governments and other agencies
for the general area of special education, while special education for Jewish Studies must rely on Jewish sources of funding.

3.Pincus Fund support for Jewish special education is aimed at children with learning disabilities, whether minor or severe,
with the aim of hopefully enabling such children to be absorbed eventually into regular Jewish education.

Areas of Support

Pincus Fund support may be obtained for new projects in two areas of activity:

1. Training and in-service training programs for Jewish education personnel.

Examples of appropriate projects might include:
in-service seminars on special Jewish education, whether held in Israel or locally
individual training, e.g. sending an educator to Israel for in-service training
sending special education experts from Israel to Diaspora countries, or, in
certain cases, experts from one country to another.

2. Development or adaptation of special education materials for Jewish Studies.

Applications must include planning to train educators in the use of the materials.


Application forms and additional information may be obtained from the above address.