Special Shimmy

By Rechy Neiman - Age 12

One day a friend came over to me,
And whispered into my ear,
"I want to tell you something
that no one is allowed to hear."

I followed her out of the classroom
Curious to know what's in store.
What did she want to tell me?
What did she call me out for?

"I heard there is a girl in our class
That has a younger brother.
He has Down syndrome.
He is not like you, me and any other.

"Does it mean that he's crazy?
That he looks not a hundred percent?
I just heard that he has Down syndrome,
I didn't know what it meant."

"I will tell you exactly what it means,"
I stood up confidently and said out loud,
and I could really be proud."

He might be a little different,
His progress may take longer than me and you.
But we can love him and enjoy him,
and guess what - YOU CAN TOO!"

I showed her a picture of my brother Shimmy,
And she was shocked to see
That after all,
He doesn't look so funny.

She stood up
And wanted to go away.
But I told her, "Come here,
I have one more thing to say.

The next time you meet a special child,
Greet him and smile to him.
Their families love them and you can too
Because Hashem created him just like me and you!!"

Today Shimmy is a five-year-old boy,
Lovable and charming as can be/
He only brings simcha into our home,
He is a true asset to our family!!