Letter 1

Dear Sarah amush:
Thank you for your uniquely special publication. I feel inspired to become a better person and to rise to the challenges of daily living with a better disposition and simchas hachayim after reading your magazines.

My husband buys your publication for my 16-year-old daughter who, KA"H has a special feeling for all human beings born with differences, that many find unnerving or frightening to deal with. We have all gained from the inspiration and look forward to reading future issues even though we ourselves are not directly in contact with people who have Down syndrome.

Since everyone on some level has to build inner strength to deal with the different challenges of life, please may I ask your permission to copy some of your inspirational poems/lines to pass on to others?

Everyone has their own unique way of giving and since I'm a working mother who doesn't have the time to cook for others or help much in a practical way, I therefore try to give by sharing thoughts that make a difference to life. I therefore ask your permission to pass on the occasional few words that can make a difference to others. I hope that in your kindness you will agree.

Warm regards,
Sara Devora Chrysler
Manchester, England

Editor's Reply:

With the greatest pleasure! Please, however, make sure to credit Down Syndrome Amongst Us on all printed material that is copied from the magazines. Hatzlacha. What a wonderful level of chessed!