Mrs. Elky Siegfried

Our daughter Tehilla was born on December 1, 1993.

She was diagnosed with Mosaic Trisomy 13. We were told that she would not live more than a few months. The diagnosis was difficult since this was very rare. The geneticist said Tehilla would never crawl, sit, or stand.

Tehilla had a cleft palate, a malformed ear and a major heart problem. The hospital staff and many friends did not encourage us to take Tehilla home. We, however, had no doubts at all.

Tehilla heightened our trust in the Ribono Shel Olam. Our sense of not taking everything for granted - our sense of appreciation for what we have and our senses of sympathy and concern.

Tehilla was, for 28 months, a blessing of joy and excitement. Hence, her life was truly a productive one. She taught us without uttering a word. She taught us through her very being - a master teacher, a true gift.

Tehilla was the focal point of our family life. We cannot remember a sad day in our home. Things were always exciting as she continuously progressed far beyond what was expected. As she grew she sat, crawled, climbed up the steps, laughed, walked holding on, and was part of the bunch.

When Tehilla turned 2 years of age, heart surgery was recommended. The doctors were optimistic.

Due to surgical complications she remained in the ICU for 84 days until her 'petirah' (death).

Tehilla radiated warmth and happiness and with her broken heart she touched the hearts of so many.