I Wonder Why…

By: Sarah Sander

I wonder why…
Nobody would be so coarse
To tell a feuding couple to divorce.

I wonder why…
Nobody would suggest to a person who's obese
"Don't you take another piece!"

I wonder why…
Nobody would talk about a cosmetic flaw
To the person with the crooked jaw.

I wonder why…
Nobody would select
To tell a person with minimal intellect.
To have a transplant on his brain
And perhaps some IQ points he'll gain.

I know why…
Because we are taught when still young
To take control of our tongue
And to really think twice and thrice
Before offering unsolicited advice.

I wonder why….
When a child with Down syndrome is born
And the parents are emotionally worn
Some folks don't hesitate
To 'try to set the family straight'
And advise to give the child away
And just hope for a better day.
With confidence and a conscience so clear
These people really do dare!
They play G-d, and actually justify their roles
Of passing judgment on Jewish souls!

I wonder when…
Everyone will learn
How to discern
That some issues are better left untouched
By people who don't know much.
And remember the lessons of our youth
Life will be a lot more smooth!