You prepare their hearts and listen to their prayers.


The Talmud gives the following story to illustrate why we must view everyone and everything in a positive way.It once happened that Rabbi Shimon ben Elazar met Elisha HaNavi who was disguised as a lowly pauper.Not knowing his true identity Rabbi Shimon said to him "How lowly you are.Are all the people of your city as lowly as you? Elisha responded "I don't know but tell the craftsman who designed me how useless his vessel is." At once Rabbi Shimon realised his sin and asked for forgiveness.(Taanis 20a)

To find a flaw in the creation is to find a flaw in the creator(Maharsha)So look for the good in everyone and the perfection of the creator,but in yourself see where you have sinned so you can improve.

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