Always think about what you are doing.

"If you will always think about ..." How do we reach this level of humility that will bring us to true fear of Hashem? The answer is to always think about it. It is not enough for a person to know something in his mind. He also has to also feel it in his heart. This can only happen by going over it again and again, as it is written, "You shall know today - and you must constantly review it!" There is a story told about Rabbi Akiva, passing by a stream . He saw that water dripping against a rock had made a hole in the rock. He thought to himself. A rock is hard and water is soft, yet each drop makes a tiny impression. Little by little, the drops made a hole in the rock!

The same is true if you want to make an impression on your mind. Doing it once will make only a small mark that you will never notice. Going over it again and again, will make it become a part of your heart.
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