"A Father's "mussar" stays with his child even when he is not there with him"

The guidance of a father is a wonderful thing. It makes a very strong impression on a child for many years to come. We see this by Yosef haTzaddik. When he came to a hard test, the face of his father suddenly appeared to him. We, too, should think before sinning ( G-d forbid). We have to realize that not only are we causing damage to ourselves, but we are also shaming our parents. People will say to our parents, "How could you have raised a child who would do that ?!"

It is important to remember that we, alone, are not able to decide the best path for ourselves. Rather, we should think about "the guidance of our fathers " . We should remember how they acted and their wonderful deeds, and learn from them the straight and beautiful path we should choose.

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