Dear Fellow Educators and Parents;

Here in Lakewood, b"h, things are going great. For the past several years, I have wanted to start a learning program geared towards students between sixth and eighth grade. It is usually at that point that they begin to believe that they are "too old for this type of thing," and let their membership in such a learning program lapse. In fact, a boy of any age can and should be motivated to put in greater effort towards their learning.

This year the opportunity finally arose and I have been able to start the first branch of a learning program, Masmid Govoha, right here in Lakewood. We began this past week with 40 Masmidim & 20 boys from each of the seventh and eight grades. The goal of the program is to motivate these Masmidim to review material they've learned in Yeshiva and raise their overall Chashivas HaTorah.

Masmid Govoha plans to accomplish this through these theree avenues:

  1. By creating a high level and quality program that sixth through eighth graders would be happy and eager to be part of.
  2. By getting knowledgeable, personable and friendly Bnei Torah to learn with these Masmidim in groups of (budget allowing) 6-10 Masmidim per Chavrusa.
  3. By setting up a point system with attractive prizes as incentives to motivate these Masmidim to spend their spare time learning.

Just as MASMID GOVOHA is uniuqe in its way of motivating kids, it is also unique in the way it plans to raise funding for this learning program, which we hope to expand into other locales as well. Please note:

  1. The only hint of "shelo lishma" we will allow in this program is in the learning done by the Masmidim in the hope of earning valuable gifts and raffles. The generous donors who will enable us to provide these incentives, however, will be asked to do so totally "lishma". That is, no mention (e.g. in the form of "Dedicated by..." or "In memory of..." will be exhibited on any of the MASMID GOVOHA notices and updates.)
  2. You will hear from us not only when your participation is needed; rather, you will receive updates periodically on how the program is going. In this way, when you are asked for a donation (something that will occur no more than once a year) you will fully understand what you are supporting.
Now that you are somewhat familiar with what we are trying to accomplish, I would appreciate it if you take just a few minutes to scan the enclosed flyers detailing the basic rules and regulations of the MASMID GOVOHA program. Comments and suggestions are welcome, as well; I can be reached at the Lakewood Bochurim VoiceMail # 908-901-3111, ext. 36945, or by e-mail at yisroelz@pirchei.co.il.

Thanks very much for your attention, all the best.

Yisroel Zlotowitz

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