Hashgacha Pratis:


When I was 11,I went to a sleep-away camp(Aguda Midwest) for the first time.On the first day of camp I was really homesick and was about to cry. During the Shmone Esrei of Mincha I asked Hashem to be happy and not to miss my home......

Soon after MIncha I was already making friends with everyone and feeling great!!

Two months ago,when me and my mother were riding home from Shul(on Purim),we parked the car on the right side of the street & my mother asked me if I could quickly run to a pharmacy to buy stamps. When I returned and was about to get in the car(through left door),I heard the incredibly loud honking as a bus passed by-about three feet away!!! Boruch Hashem, I was miraculously saved,and this incident taught me to look both ways before crossing the road,instead of just "relying on a miracle". Thank you,Hashem!!!

Emek Hebrew Academy, Sherman Oaks , California

One time my mom had to go to the bank, which is called the Bank Of America. She went into her car, turned the keys , but the car wouldn't start. She got out of the car , went into the house and turned on the TV She saw that there was a robbery in the bank. If my mother would have gone to the bank, she might have gotten shot. Baruch Hashem she didn't go to the bank on that day.

Udi Eli Emek Hebrew Academy Grade 6

When my mom and dad went to Israel, they went to a shul where a man davened Shmoneh Esrai. When he was up to Modim, a person shot a bullet at his head when he bowed and the bullet missed his head.

Chaim Blinder Emek Hebrew Academy Grade 6

Once when my mom and dad were going for a drive on a rainy day, they made a wrong turn and found a vandalized house. They both liked the house. They checked with my mom's best friend ( real estate agent ) to see if the house was for sale. It was and my parents bought the house. My dad fixed up the house and now, Baruch Hashem, we are living in the house with seven people in our family.

Yoni Harari Emek Hebrew Academy Grade 6

One time I was going to a baseball card store on my bike. I decided to put my brake on since I had a backpack on. All of a sudden, a cement truck came out of nowhere. Baruch Hashem, I had my brake on.

Binyomin Emek Hebrew Academy Grade 6

When my father was in college, he wanted to buy my Zaidy a new pair of Tefillin. He didn't have enough money so he asked his only sister if she could help. His sister had some money saved to repair a dent in her car, but she gladly gave it to him to help buy the Tefillin. She felt that it was a beautiful way for her and my father to show their love for their father.

After buying the Tefillin together and taking it to their parents' house, my aunt went to a friend's house to share how good they felt. She came out a short time later to find the side of her car deeply dented where there had only been a small dent before.

The other motorist had left a note and paid to have the car repaired like new. My aunt did not have to pay at all. My Zaidy had his new Tefillin, my aunt had a new car again, and they all had a lot to think about.

Hershey Goldberger Emek Hebrew Academy Grade 6

A couple of days ago, in Israel, my aunt and uncle were moving into a house in Yerushalayim. Katie ( the baby ), was getting in the way so my aunt asked her father to take Katie to lunch on Ben Yehuda Street. That day was very hot so my aunt's father didn't want to take her there. Instead, he took her somewhere in the Old City. If he would have taken her to lunch, she might have been on Ben Yehuda Street when the bombs hit.

Avi Feld 6th grade

Once in Machane Yehuda, my sister Shira was walking down the shuk. Suddenly she remembered that she had to be somewhere in 15 minutes. She quickly called a taxi and off she went. A few hours later, a bomb was set off in the shuk. If she would have still been there, she might not chas v'shalom be alive right now.

Yehoshua Bregman 6th Grade

One day when I was riding my bike to a friend's house, I came to a intersection. I was able to go right or straight. I waited to go straight because I needed a rest on my bike. If I would have gone right, I would have been smashed by a car because there was a major accident in the intersection on the right side. All I have to say is thank you to Hashem for saving my life.

Benji Samet 6th grade

The Hashgacha story which I want to write about is about my uncle. Once he was in Morocco, learning in Yeshiva and teaching Torah to Moroccan Jews at the request of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. One night as he was walking to their Yeshiva, an Arab who was hiding in the shadows, jumped out with a dagger and tried to stab him in the back. My uncle kept on walking as quickly as he could. When he reached the Yeshiva, he saw that the dagger had cut through his jacket and through his shirt but had left his Talis Katan untouched. If he wasn't wearing Tzitzit, he would have been stabbed in the back. ( We still have the jacket that he was wearing.)

Dovid Markel 6th grade

In 1939, My Saba's family lived in Poland near the Poog River. When the Nazis invaded Poland, they occupied the village where my Saba lived. During the first few weeks after the occupation, people could travel between the Russian side and the Nazis. Many people were afraid to go to the Russian side. One day, my great grandfather gathered the family together and announced that he decided that they should go to the Russian side. This was before people could even imagine that the Nazis wanted to kill all of the Jews. The day after my great grandfather's family crossed the border, the border was closed and Polish Jews under Nazi occupation were trapped. Most of the Polish Jews including many members of my Saba's extended family were murdered. With Hashem's help, my Saba's immediate family survived in Russia and after the war, some went to Israel and some went to the United Stares.

David Statman 6th Grade

One day my brother went jet skiing. There also was a man going fishing. The man threw his line and the line wrapped around my brother's neck. Baruch Hashem my father was there to save him before it was too late.

Elizabeth Fersht Emek Hebrew Academy Grade 4

My dad was in the Israeli army. He had to go to Arab territory. The Arabs put bombs under the ground and if someone stepped on one they would explode. My dad walked into Arab territory not knowing that there were bombs. He walked all over the place and they didn't explode. When he found out, he felt that Hashem was with him.

Amy Zebberman Emek Hebrew Academy Grade 4

My mother was going to Kaiser Hospital and she met a nice Jewish lady doctor. She became friends with her. At the same time, my father met a nice Jewish man who walked into our shul and wanted to learn more Torah. Now, six years later the nice lady doctor and the nice man are married and are living a Torah life and have a cute baby girl named Malka. The nice man does Junior Congregation in our shul. The Hashgacha Pratis is that Hashem led my mother to that doctor so that she could meet her and introduce her to my father's new friend and that they could live a Torah life. The doctor also delivered all my mother's babies except me.

Rochel Bryski Emek Hebrew Academy Grade 4

It was my mother's birthday and my father was taking her to a restaurant for her birthday present. The day before my father had met a lost man from Singapore. My father had invited him to the restaurant with my mother and him. When he got home, my mother was a bit upset that my father had just gone quickly and invited someone strange to join them on her birthday. My father discussed it with us in the car on the way to school and he asked us what he should do. Tell the lost man he was going to let him down, or tell my mother that you have to keep a promise? I said that I don't know what I would do if I was in that position. My father said "See Tamar, it's not so easy being an adult. You've got to make these decisions". That night my father came from shul and told us what happened. The lost man had phoned him and told him that he could not make it as someone from his work had begged him to come with them.
Baruch Hashem!

Tamar Friedlander grade 3, Hirsch Lyons School, Johannesburg

Emek Hebrew Academy...Sherman Oaks, California

A long time ago my family and I were stuck in Persia. We almost got out but the police stopped us. We thought that it was the worst thing that could ever happen but at the time, in Pakistan, where we planned to go, there was a heat wave which made your eyes turn yellow and was fatal.. This turned out to be the best thing which could happen to us.

Menachem Yeftachashem Emek Hebrew Academy - 6th grade

I moved to America and got leukemia and Hashem knew that the US had the best doctors for leukemia. I needed a match and my sister was the match.

Binyomin S. Emek Hebrew Academy - 6th grade

Once in Russia, the government decided to make a lake on the site of Babi Yar. Jews protested the construction of the lake but no one listened to them. They built a big dam and filled the lake with water. The dam broke. Since the place was on the top of the hill, the strong mud slide started to move. My great grandfather was walking to his work while a large truck came by. People thought it could go through the torrent. My great grandfather was about to go on the truck when a women came and asked him if she can go instead. He let her. He then continued watching the truck. As soon as it went into the flood, it turned over and everyone was killed. There were no Jews in this truck. There were many casualties during this disaster, however, no Jews were killed because of this mud slide.

David Dekhtyarevsky Emek Hebrew Academy - 6th grade

One day I went skiing with my friend. I like skiing on the steeper slopes while my friend likes skiing on the not so steep slopes. We were fighting over which slope to go on. ( We usually split up and just meet at the bottom.) I decided to just go with her instead. When we got to the bottom, we heard that there was an avalanche on the steeper slope and had I gone on the steeper slope I would have been stuck in the avalanche and probably died.

Dalia Kachlon - Emek Hebrew Academy - 8th grade

My sister is in Eretz Yisroel and she wanted to visit my zeidy's kever. She got directions but since it is a very big place it's hard to find a certain kever. My sister was wandering around. She thought it looked familiar, but since all the sections look similar, she couldn't be sure. All of a sudden she stopped and right in front of her was my zeidy's kever.

Nechama Furst - Emek Hebrew Academy - 8th grade

One day my mom and I were going to the bank. My mom decided that when she parks she wants to turn the corner and then park. So she did. The next thing we knew, the person who had parked in my mom's spot without turning the corner, was held up. If Hashem would not have put the idea to turn the corner n my mom's head, we might have been the person who the people had held up.

Tziporah Silberstein - Emek Hebrew Academy - 8th grade

This is a true story. When my mom got married in Iran there was a man called Khomeini. He was kind of like Hitler. A lot of people were trying to escape. The day that my mom was supposed to escape someone stole all of my mom's jewelry and money. When they wanted to escape, one of Khomeini's soldiers caught my mom and said: " Because you don't have jewelry and money, I won't kill you, even thought you are Jewish."

Sarah Hekmatjah - Emek Hebrew Academy - 5th grade

Last November, my father was bringing my sister and me home from school. We were driving on the Ventura Freeway in the passing lane and in heavy traffic. All of a sudden the engine conked out. We managed to get to the side of the road, Boruch Hashem without an accident. When the car stopped in was right in front of a call box! My abba called a tow truck. The tow truck came in a few minutes. The most important thing is that we did not crash. Boruch Hashem !

Rachel Gross - Emek Hebrew Academy - 5th grade

( This story happened to my uncle during the Yom Kippur War in 1973. )

All the soldiers were davening in shul. Suddenly messengers who were soldiers called all of the soldiers who were praying to go to their units in the army immediately. So my uncle, late at night, arrived at Sinai. When he came into the battle area he saw his friends from afar and was happy to join them in the same tank. Suddenly a high ranking officer pulled him over and ordered him to come into his tank. He explained that he wanted him in his tank because all the people in his tank weren't religious and he wanted someone with a kipah. My uncle's request to stay with his friends didn't help. So he went with the officer. After half an hour, my uncle heard that the tank he would have been on got a direct hit from a missile .

Noa Leibowitz - Emek Hebrew Academy - 5th grade

This is a story about my brother in law, Benji. He opened a new kosher market in a city in the Midwest. He wanted to sell baked goods in his store. The bakery that he wanted to get from changed their mind and didn't want to do business with him because they thought it would be competition. He decided to buy from another bakery. He found out that the first bakery had lost their hechsher. Thank you Hashem for putting your hand on my brother in law, Benji.

Chanie Wachsman - Emek Hebrew Academy - 5th grade

My sister was supposed to go on Flight 800, but my father switched her flight to the next one so that she wouldn't have to fly alone, and she could go with rabbi Stepen.
Yonatan Statman

After the earthquake my chimney was crumpled. Some of the bricks fell and there were a lot still on the roof. My dad covered it with a strong plastic sheet so that they wouldn't fall off.My brother and I were playing with the bricks that had fallen. My mothere wanted to visit my grandma. My brother Yakov and I wanted to stay home and continue to play with the blocks. My mothar said that we had to go with her to visit my grandma. While we were in the car, a big aftershock hit. When we returned home we found that the bricks from the roof had all fallen down right where Yakov and I were playing. It happened ten minutes after we left.
Ephrayim Hoffman

The night before the earthquake, my uncle was invited to sleep at our house. He slept on a spare mattress that we had for a long time. We had placed the mattress under a big glass screen.. That night, while he was sleeping, my uncle accidently rolled off the mattress while he was sleeping. That night when the earthquake hit, the screen fell on top of the mattress. Baruch Hashem he wasn't hurt.
David Nathan

One evening, my dad was driving through a neighborhood that was not considered safe. Suddenly his car stopped and he did not have one penny in his pocket. He saw a policeman and told him the story. The policeman said that he would help, but he never came back. My dad asked people for a dime to make a phone call, but no one helped him. As he stood on the curb surrounded by debris, he wondered what he was going to do. He mumbled to himself," If only I had a dime". Just then he looked down and at his shoe was sitting a dime.
Yehuda Rosenfeld

In 1992 my older brother Gil wanted to go to Yerushalayim. He got on a bus and went to Yerushalayim. He asked a man where the Kotel was and the man said " the next stop." It was 11:00 p.m. and it was very dark. At the entrance there was a dark gate and he proceeded inside. He passed a market and people were looking at him strangely. As he walked further he asked. " Is this where the Kotel is?" The people laughed and said "sure". As he went further he realized that he was lost. He was very scared and decided to turn around. He started praying and started walking back. When he got out he thanked Hashem and got on a bus to go anywhere else. On the second stop he lifted his head and saw the Kotel.
Michoel Katan

7th grade stories

I was once going to ride my bike to Yeshiva. Then we decided to go by car instead of going by bike. As soon as we got into the car it started pouring. It was Hashgocho Protis we decided to go by car.

My brother was walking through the doorway and suddenly the Mezuza fell, so he was able to catch it! It was Hashgocho Protis he was walking through just then!

One time my neighbors cousin was supposed to go this Rebbe. On that day he overslept. When he woke up he was listening to the radio and he heard that the van that he would have gone on was shot. The person sitting in his seat was shot to death. It was Hashgocho Protis he overslept that morning or he would been killed!

I was riding my bike with my friends and I was the second on line, and all of a sudden the leader made a short stop and I went into his bike. It went flying into the street. It's Hashgocho Protis that the he was the leader and there were no cars coming!

Stories by: Grade 7, Printed by: Septimus Publications

My father need half dollars for Machatzis Hasheckel for the Alumni Bais Medrash. But none of the banks had any. So while shopping in ShopRite my father ask the cashier if she had any half dollars. And she said you'd be surprise but the person before you had just paid me with half dollars. And happily my father exchanged enough half dollars for the Bais Medrash.
By Stavesky

Once my brother missed his train the next day in the news "Guess what" it said? That train #1354 had crash and that was his train. Who knows what could have happened to him?
By Chaim Amon

One time I was organizing a cabinet and in it was a fire extinguisher. The next night there was a fire in my microwave. I quickly got it and my father sprayed it out. If I would not organized it would of taken much longer to find it.
By Shlomo Sussman

On the way home from school, I did not want to walk home the long way, so I stayed on the bus until, the bus driver dropped me off by my house. And then my mother told me that she saw a bulldog walking up and down the path I would have walked home on if I would have gone the long way.
By Aron Malavsky

(This happened many years ago, when my brother was 6 (he is now a married man with children).
My father & I went to Port Authority (New York Bus station) to take my little brother to the Camp Aguda bus, going to the Catskills. After the bus left, my father & I went out to the parking lot & found that the car would not start. My father kept trying over & over to start the car without success. Finally he gave up & went back into the station to call AAA. As we walked in we saw a little boy standing there with payos. He was all alone & crying. He had just arrived on a bus from Montreal, but he had missed the Camp Aguda bus. My father bought him a ticket on the Trailway bus, called the boys parents in Montreal to tell them what had happened and called the camp to make sure he'd be met at his destination. We stayed with the boy & settled him on the bus. After the bus left, my father & I went back to the car. AAA had still not come. My father tried again, and the car started immediately!!!
(by: Toby Katz, Miami)

My uncle just came home from New Jersey. My mother had hot food in the oven. I was walking into the kitchen and I saw the upper oven sparking from behind the bulb. I turned off the oven and called my uncle, who was two houses away, and he put it out.
(by: Ariel Bekhore, 6 grade, Torahs Emes)

This happened 40 years ago.....while my 3 month old baby was sleeping outside in her carriage, I did my daily chores inside my home. (it was safe in those days)
Unexplainably, I suddenly went to my closet and took out my coat, and went outside to take my baby for a walk. I felt I had no will of my own & walked outside feeling more like a robot (I'm sure of course it was Hashem guiding me). When I got to the carriage, my infant was blue, her eyes were rolled up and she wasn't breathing. I grabbed her and ran to the nearest walk-in apartment across the street & started pounding on the window. My neighbor came running, took one look at my daughter, grabbed her and started giving her mouth to mouth resuscitation. Boroch Hashem, the miracle of this is that this happened over 40 years ago when no-one ever heard of this life saving treatment. The happy ending to this is that my daughter and her husband have produced our three beautiful grandchildren. I considered the above incident when my daughter was an infant to be one of the greatest miracles that has happened to me personally.
(by: Ettie Simon, Miami)

One time, I just moved to Florida with my family and we came at the time of Hurricane Andrew. Before it came, I asked if I could turn on the radio and hear about the hurricane. They said where it was hitting and where it would not hit so hard. So my mother called my grandparents' sister and she said we could stay with her and we did not get hit so badly.
(Avi Greenberg, 6 grade T.E.)

My brother Eliyahu got up in the middle of the night because he couldn't sleep. At that moment, he let the dogs out my back door, and then my brother saw the dogs chasing a person in my backyard, trying to break in.
(by: Avraham Lazar 6 grade T.E.)

When we came to America, from England, we were buying a house. We applied for a mortgage. When we got here we found out that the mortgage never went through. When we came to see the house there was hardly anything working. The sprinklers, and other appliances were broken, & there were many other problems with the house that my parents did not know about. We would have also had to do a lot of painting and get new floors, etc. It's a good thing that it turned out that way!!! We ended up getting a much nicer house!!!
(by: Lee Braham 6 grade T.E.)

I was getting into the car with my family & my dad told me to get my glasses. I went back inside, and the toaster was on without anything in it, and it started burning.
(by: Yoni Herring 6 grade T.E.)

It was Saturday night, and I came out of shul 30 minutes before havdala. I was walking across the street when a car ran a red light. He was going 55 mph in a 15 mph zone. The car hit me and I passed out. I flew at least 8 feet up and 8 feet to the ground. A man who wasn't Jewish ran and picked me up from the street. Since the shul had at least 14 doctors, they all ran out and started with their specialties. The ambulance came 3 minutes after havdala and all I had was a broken nose and a small cut on my head. Obviously Hashem was there with me.
(by: D. Hill 6 grade T.E.)

My name is Asher and about 3 years ago I came baack from camp. My parents & I were in the airport in New York, and they told us that there was a hurricane in Florida so we stayed in New York for 3 extra days. The thing is, we were supposed to go the day before the hurricane but didn't.
(by: Asher Jungreis 6 grade T.E.)

My little brother Usher put a calculator into the microwave and turned it on, but I didn't notice it. Then Usher told my mom who was in the shower that she should come to the kitchen to turn the water on for him and then my mom noticed the microwave was about to explode with my brother less than 3 feet away.
(by: Sruli Bistritz, grade 6 T.E.)

Three years ago my family decided to visit my uncles and relatives in Ohio. A week later my uncle turned on the news and we missed Hurricane Andrew by a week.
(by: Binyamin Rosenbaum 6 grade T.E.)

I put a piece of bread in the toaster and it caught on fire. At the same time, my other siblings went outside and left the door wide open. So, I threw the toaster oven out the door and turned on the hose & put out the fire.
(by: Zalmy Kahn 6 grade, T.E.)

I was about to play basketball & I decided to continue learning instead. It turned out that a big fight broke out on the basketball courts, and they had to call the police . Because I stayed in learning, I was saved from their fight.
(by: Yonason Mankes grade 8 Torahs Chaim, Miami Beach)

A friend of mine had tickets to fly to Peru. Something came up and they did not go o the flight. The plane crashed and there were no survivors. One day my mother asked my father to go buy some baking soda. He bought a big box as opposed to the normal size. A few weeks later a grease fire broke out in our kitchen. My parents threw everything on it. They were about to give up when they threw the big box of baking soda on it. If not for my father buying a big box our house would have been badly damaged.
(anonymous, Torahs Chaim)

After 11 years being married with no children, this frum couple decided to get divorced. Right after the divorce, the woman discovered that she was pregnant. Since the man was a cohan, he could not remarry his ex-wife. He ran from Rabbi to Rabbi searching for a heter. Finally someone suggested that he go to the Lubavitcher Rebbe for a dollar. He waited in the long line when the Rebbe was giving out dollars. When it was his turn, he quickly told the Rebbe his problem. the Rebbe told him to ask his mother. The man went to his mother. She told him that they did not want him to ever know, but she now told him that he was adopted, and not really a cohan. With that information, he remarried his wife and raised a family.

I lived in Israel and recently moved to America. When I lived there I would take the bus in the mornings. One day I was running late for school, so I went to a different bus stop than usual. That morning an Arab blew up my regular bus stop. Baruch Hashem I was running late and went to a different stop.
(Yonaton Dardashti, grade 8)

David Teichmanf
Yavneh Hebrew Academy
Kitah Hay

It was in summer camp. We were going to a local amusement park (Magic Mountain).

I wanted to go in the little car. I was told I would have to go in the big van. I was upset. I found out later that the little car was in a bad accident on the way, so i didn't get hurt. Thank you Hashem.

David Teichman
Yavneh Hebrew Academy
Kitah Hay

I asked Hashem in my Davening to be able to go on a field trip that we planned in English Studies, Whale watching, eventhough it was a rainy day. Usually you can't go out on a boat whale watching on a rainy day.

It was amazing - the school got a call that the trip was still on and later that day it cleared up and we had a great time.

Yonaton Waysman
Yavneh Hebrew Academy
Kitah Hay

I was playing basketball in my school. My basketball went over the gate and into the alley. The teacher was watching outside didn't let me get the ball. A car ran over the ball and instead of popping it, knocked it into the street. It is a busy street so I assumed it was ran over many times by passing cars.

The next morning somebody in my class was coming to school and saw a person bouncing my ball. He told him it belonged to me and the person gave it to him. That morning I got my ball back! But the real Hasgacha Protis was that I had said to myself Gom Zu L'Tova. I think Hashem rewarded me for having the right attitude.

Divine Providence
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