FRAMEWORK Outside the Framework is a network of trained tutors who are dedicated to providing for the special needs of their talmidim

Unobstrusively, within the enclaves of a regular Bais Hamedrash or in the privacy of his own home, the FRAMEWORK tutor is equipped to work with the talmid who requires extra-curricular help or a customized program, to enable the talmid to access his true skills

FRAMEWORK specialized training represents state-of-the-art techniques adapted to the unique needs of the Torah world.

FRAMEWORK Manuals and Teaching Aids are designed to help Torah Studies meet the challenge of Modern Society.

The FRAMEWORK Procedure
A talmid who applies to or who is referred to FRAMEWORK is screened to determine his strong and weak points. He is then matched to a tutor who can learn with him when and where it is convenient for the talmid's schedule. FRAMEWORK briefs the tutor and then oversees the talmid's progress, reporting back to the responsible party as required.

FRAMEWORK helps men and women select, train for and engage in vocations which will enable them to lead lives of financial stability while contributing to the cultural and economic development of their country.

FRAMEWORK carefully screens all requests for scholarships to help men and women undergo necessary training to enable them to acquire the skills and equipment needed for their chosen vocation.

FRAMEWORK carefully screens all applications for scholarships.

FRAMEWORK can help you and your children sharpen learning skills while holidaying in Israel, individually or in groups.