Bostoner Rebbe, Shlita
Rabbi Zelig Pliskin
Rabbi Zvi Zobin
Rabbi Menachem Rubin
What the experts say about Dynamic Reading Self-Improvement


Rosh Hayeshiva "TORAH ORE"
and Morah Hora'ah of Kiryat Mattersdorf

FRAMEWORK is an organisation being set up by Rabbi Menachem Rubin, Zvi Zobin and Avrahum Weiss to provide much-needed services for the Jewish Community.

FRAMEWORK's aim is to provide a network of chaverusas for talmidim who need extra-curricular or special coaching. These needs fall into several categories:

1. To help children who are falling behind in their studies or who are finding it hard to adjust to a change in their environment;

2. To help "nip at the bud" developing problems in learning;

3. To help develop the full potential of those who do not seem to be progressing as well as they should;

4. To help provide a framework for those whose needs are not met by existing Mosdos.This is to include training for registered chaverusas and development of teaching-aids and text-books.Long-term aims are

a. to form a reservoir of trained "yungerleit" who will be firstchoice for jobs in chedorim and schools;

b. to develop customized text-books for Jewish Day-Schools, etc.;

c. to organize Yarchei Kallahs and seminars to help people not learning in Yeshiva or Kollel to enhance their ability to learn Gemora, etc.

These are all most necessary nowadays and may all who participate in this project be blessed with much Hatzlocho.


Rabbi C. P. Scheinberg


Bostoner Rebbe, Shlita
of the Cong. Givat Pinchus
Har Nof, Jerusalem

December 8, 1993

I am well aware of the good work that Rabbi Tzvi Zobin has done

in the areas of enabling adults, teenagers and children to become proficient in reading Hebrew. I know personally of many who have been helped and therefore laud the time, effort, and system which Rabbi Zobin has established. May his efforts lead to success for many.

With blessings from Yerushalayim
The Bostoner Rebbe


Rabbi Zelig Pliskin

Author of
Guard Your Tongue
Gateway To Happiness
Love Your Neighbour
Gateway To Self-Knowledge
Begin Again Now

Breakthrough To Screening Attitudes To Learning is a highly useful tool for all educators, parents and anyone who is interested in self-knowledge.

There are major differences between a person who is detail

orientated and one who is general-principle orientated. Being aware of this will lead to many breakthroughs.

The schedule set out, though deceptively simple, can be a powerful aid to helping a person realize how he can best harness and direct his talents.

Zelig Pliskin



Rabbi Zvi Zobin
Founder and Director of FRAMEWORK

Nearly 40 years experience in working in Chinuch with children, teenagers and adults. Learnt in Yeshiva Etz Chaim, London. Studied Science and trained as a Patent Attorney until emigrating to Israel in 1971. Learnt in Yeshiva Dvar Yerushalayim and, from 1972, in Yeshiva Torah Ore until joining the staff of a Yeshiva Gedola which specialises in developing the learning talents of Yeshiva bochurim. Author of "Breakthrough To Learning Gemora" and developer of the DYRAL Screening System of "Dynamic Reading Self-Improvement" with "Screening Attitudes to Learning". Has lectured and given courses and in-sessions for teachers in Israel, the U.K., Australia and Switzerland.


Rabbi Menachem Rubin

Rabbi Menachem Rubin has, for the past 20 years, been active in child, adolescent and adult education and counselling. A graduate of the famous University School of Ohio; further studies at Grinnell College, Iowa and University of Munich. For the past 15 years has studied full-time at Yeshiva Gedolos. Received Rabbinical Ordination from the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem. Selected to design the FRAMEWORK Counselling program because of his wide, in-depth research and abilty to blend successful, high-level counselling into the mainstream Yeshiva environment.



What the experts say about Dynamic Reading Self-Improvement

...a systematic and simple method of pinpointing the "weak spots", analysing the cause of the weakness and rectifying it in a short time...

Rabbi S. Wagschal (Principal, Gateshead Jewish Primary Schools)

...Successfully educates and sensitizes both mechanchim and parents in gaining an insight into identifying specific reading skills and the remediation process...

Rabbi S. Strickman (Menahel, Mirrer Yeshiva Ketana, New York.)

...simple, motivating and successful for both younger and older children...

Rabbi Y. M. Kriger (Principal, Kamenitz Cheder, Jerusalem)

..."Dynamic Reading Self-Improvement" is now a part of our program. We find that it is invaluable in assessing how best to guide our talmidim and in helping them improve their basic reading skills. ...The student's ability to learn Gemora usually improves significantly when he has worked on his reading skills using "Dynamic Reading Self-Correction". Talmidim find the program both enjoyable and challenging, rapidly improving their reading and boosting their self-confidence...

Rabbi Yisroel Ettinger (Menahel, Yeshiva Keser Dovid)

...In my own practice I have found his techniques to be extraordinarily useful and, in some cases, a life-saver...

Rabbi R. Elkins M.S. (Director, The Kriah Clinic, New York)

...the simplicity belies its depth and power. Having used it on "problem" readers of all ages and consulted on its use in our Primary and Secondary Schools, I now include a description of it in my courses at Gateshead Seminary...

Rabbi Dovid Kornhauser (Lecturer in Education and Psychology, Teacher Training Seminary for Girls, Gateshead)

...designed for a lay teacher with no previous experience... Dr. Avraham ben Yochanan (Educational Psychologist)

...I know of no other system which is simple enough to be used by a lay-person yet which is so effective over such a wide range of

age groups and such a wide range of reading-deficiencies... ...This work is a major resource for every educational establishment and educationally-conscious home.

Meshulom Teller Ph.D. (Educational and Psychological Consultant)