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Zvi Zobin - Director
Ponim Meirot 17/1
( 02-373-340
Rabbi Menachem Rubin-
Kiryat Ungar 93/12
( 02-510-347
Avrahum Weiss -
Project Manager Mapilei Egoz 4, \
Bet Shemesh,
( 02-999-1183

Rabbi Reuven Elkins M.Sc.
"The Kriah Clinic
1565 41st St. Brooklyn N.Y. 11218
(718) 854-9460

Rabbi S. Freudiger
36 Windermere Street
Gateshead, NE8 1TX
0191 - 477 5032

Zvi Zobin
Ponim Meirot 17/1
Fax:-02 - 372 148

Frau M. Zonszajn
Stations Str. 33
Zurich 8003
01-463 4446
Fax:- 01-462 3830


R.B. Sofer
1 Talbot Ave
East St. Kilda, Victoria 3183
03- 952 9106
Fax:- 03 - 9527 3829

Important Notice


Parents and Mechanchim wishing to avail themselves of the
Supervised Chaverusa Network in Israel
can now fax Rabbi Zvi Zobin at 972-2-372-148


The FRAMEWORK Supervised Chaverusa Service includes Evaluation, Customized Program Development, Chaverusa-Matching and Chaverusa-Progress Supervision.

Following the FRAMEWORK policy,
all tutors are trained in their fields; and chaverusas are conducted inthe talmid's own yeshiva or in the privacy of the tutor's home or a local bais hamedrash.

The scheme is particularly valuable for talmidim with special needs who are going to Israel to learn in Yeshiva.

Parents can relax, knowing that their children are under the care of experienced mechanchim.

Members of the scheme can also use FRAMEWORK e-mail to communicate with their children

Yungerleit who would like to enrol in a FRAMEWORK Training Course in Israel should contact Avrumi Weiss by phone or fax at 972-2-999 1183

Schedule of fees

Supervised Chaverusos



Registration and Initial Evaluation, including program recommendation, alloction of a tutor and one year's supervision.


Subsequent supervision, per year




Please note that tutor's fees are negotiated with the tutor and paid directly to him, with FRAMEWORK acting as ombudsman if necessary


FRAMEWORK Training Courses


Dynamic Reading Self-Correction - Basic Level


- Advanced Level


Rabbinical Counselling - each course


Torah Appreciation Program - TAP


One-to-One Tutoring


Fees include all documentation



  • Breakthrough to Learning Gemora - being reprinted

  • Breakthrough to Dynamic Reading Self-Correction - First Level

  • Breakthrough to Dynamic Reading Self-Correction - Second Level

  • Breakthrough to Dynamic Reading Self-Correction - Behind the Scenes

  • Breakthrough to Dynamic Reading Self-Correction - Workbook

  • Breakthrough to Dynamic Reading Self-Correction - Computer program

  • (for IBM Compatible - at least VGA )

  • DAF-on-a-Disk - Basic Gemora skills (for IBM Compatible with Hebrew support-any monitor )

  • Breakthrough to Screening Attitudes to Learning

  • Breakthrough to the First Levels (Gemora resource for making a lainess)

  • Breakthrough to Thinking for Yourself (The first 10 chapters of Derech T'vunos by the Ramchal translated and adapted to easy-to-read style)

  • Breakthrough to Looking for Problems in Learning Gemora

  • Treasure Trail (workbook for developing Basic Hebrew and Aramaic language skills)

These books are available to order only from the