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One of the most important aspects of education is tailoringyour teaching to fit in with the nature of your pupil.Likewise, an important aspect of tracking-down possible sourcesof problems to see why a pupil is not succeeding as he should,is an understanding of the way the pupil himself thinks anddeals with information.

This book describes a very superficial, simplistic basis forseeing and understanding how people think and, perhaps moresignificantly, how people differ in their ways of thinking.

When you have seen the reader's own way in which he deals withdata, by seeing the way he copies the drawings, you will beable to relate the results of his reading-tests to his approachto studying and so attain an overall picture of how he performsin a learning environment.

An important advantage of this system is that a person can seefor himself, through copying the simple diagrams and thenseeing how others copy them, that what he might regard asfailings or quirks in his own nature are actually no more thanvalid variations of human nature which are shared by manyothers. Once he recognises the validity of his own nature, hecan learn to accept them and deal with them on a reasonablebasis. And often a person will see that what he regards as afailing is not actually a failing at all.

Many people might like the colour green. That does not meanthat there is anything wrong with someone who prefers red. Yetsuch a person might go around feeling ashamed of the fact thathis preference is different to that of others. But we know thatintrinsically, as colours, there is no reason why a person whoprefers green is more correct that one who prefers red.

So too, in other fields, people have their likes and dislikes and their own ways of thinking.


By assigning a person to a type does not in anywaylabel a person for life. The way he copies the drawingonly shows the way he processes information at that time.

However, people can change and a person can learn to modify theway he processes information. The screening can show why aperson is behaving the way he does, but it does not fix him asbeing a certain type with resulting problems which can never beovercome.

This is true of other systems for catagorizing and labelling people - they are useful, but they do not decide a person'sfate!


Rabbi Zelig Pliskin
Author of
Guard Your Tongue
Gateway To Happiness
Love Your Neighbour
Gateway To Self-Knowledge
Begin Again Now

Breakthrough To Screening Attitudes To Learning is a highly useful tool for all educators, parents and anyone who isinterested in self-knowledge.

There are major differences between a person who is detail-orientated and one who is general-principle orientated. Beingaware of this will lead to many breakthoughs.

The schedule set out, though deceptively simple, can be a powerful aid to helping a person realize how he can bestharness and direct his talents.

Zelig Pliskin