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Notice: Many of the games on this site are shareware. You may download and try out shareware games for free. If you plan on keeping them, you must pay for them. Follow the instructions you receive with the game on how to do this. Usually the price is pretty low. Not paying for these games, when you plan to keep them, is considered g'neiva, so please be honest! The other games are freeware, and may be used for an unlimited time for free.

1) Each game comes as a Zip file. use PKunzip to open the file

2) You need to download vbrun300.dll for the Windows 3.x game

3) We have checked the files for viruses. It never hurts to double-check Download Mcaffee Virus Scan!!!

Having trouble installing these games? Ask us for help!

Puzzle Game (Win '95) 585KB Bert's African Art (DOS) 317KB
Concentration (Win 3.x or '95) 248KB Color The Picture 223KB
Vbrun300.dll for Windows games 390KB PKunzip 29KB
PKzipFix 8KB McAfee Virus Scan 421KB

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